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Danny Flamberg's Blog
Danny has been marketing for a while, and his articles and work reflect great understanding of data driven marketing.

Eric Peterson the Demystifier
Eric gets metrics, analytics, interactive, and the real world. His advice is worth taking...

Geeking with Greg
Greg Linden created Amazon's recommendation system, so imagine what can write about...

Ned Batchelder's Blog
Ned just finds and writes interesting things. I don't know how he does it.

R at LoyaltyMatrix
Jim Porzak tells of his real-life use of R for marketing analysis.







Strategic Database Marketing... a great read · 03/23/2004 05:30 PM, Analysis

Strategic Database Marketing by Arthur Middleton Hughes is one of the best books I have read about using data to market effectively. It gives a usable and applicable introduction to the process of segmenting, creating Lifetime Value Segments (LTV), and understanding what the data can and cannot do. First part is applicable to most businesses, and then the end of the book has a chapter dedicated to the unique problems specific verticals face.

The internet stuff is a bit long in the tooth, but that’s the case for any book on paper which tries to address internet issues. It just moves too fast.

Heartily recommended. And I don’t say that about many marketing or database or analysis books.

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Rio Karma... Soothing... · 03/23/2004 09:53 AM, Tech

In order to prepare for the trip, I purchased a Rio Karma. While an inspired unit, it has its flaws:



Useful Stuff


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Sandals in the Bahamas · 03/22/2004 12:50 AM, Personal

So, we got back from the Sandals resort in the Bahamas. Great time. It was an all-inclusive, meaning that as much food as you can cram, they will serve. No tipping allowed. Drinks were nice brands as well, including single malt scotches.

Naussau was a nice place, and the best part: No hassles. In Mexico (Playa del Carmen), from the moment we stepped off the plane, someone was trying to sell us something. Timeshares, silver, shoes, whatever it was, you just couldn’t be left alone.

None of this in the Bahamas. Sometimes, it was hard to get people to pay enough attention to us to take our money, even in their “Straw Market”. Very nice.

A few other things:


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