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The Net Takeaway: Search results: tagging


Danny Flamberg's Blog
Danny has been marketing for a while, and his articles and work reflect great understanding of data driven marketing.

Eric Peterson the Demystifier
Eric gets metrics, analytics, interactive, and the real world. His advice is worth taking...

Geeking with Greg
Greg Linden created Amazon's recommendation system, so imagine what can write about...

Ned Batchelder's Blog
Ned just finds and writes interesting things. I don't know how he does it.

R at LoyaltyMatrix
Jim Porzak tells of his real-life use of R for marketing analysis.






In Conference...

... a flood of comments on my various “dislike tagging” articles (3 so far, search on tagging in ... still hate tagging…. ... · 4862 days ago

Tag Clouds display problems with tags...

... Tell me, does this make tagging any clearer? ... · 4094 days ago

Tag-Hater at Yahoo, home of tagging?

... what I am doing at Yahoo if I don’t like tagging. After all, Yahoo is home to ... · 4654 days ago

Welcome, StumbleUpon visitors...

... Firefox’s memory use while learning about tagging, desktop search, and analysis approaches. ... and they moved from Canada to San Fran. Like tagging, they give you a great way to serendipitiously ... things… but also like tagging, is relatively useless for any directed search. ... · 4506 days ago

I continue to despise tagging...

... with my complete series (so far) on why I dislike tagging, including: ... · 4922 days ago

I still hate tagging...

... with my complete series (so far) on why I dislike tagging, including: ... · 5032 days ago

Yahoo buys, tags win?

... off, if you don’t know how I feel about tagging, feel free to check out the ... · 4778 days ago

I Hate "Tags"

... with my complete series (so far) on why I dislike tagging, including: ... · 5100 days ago

Aggregating Tags

... of any web analytics role is instrumentation: the tagging of the various parts of the site (Whee.). While ... either Discovering that your tagging and cookie setup was designed for a different ... organize, and manage your instrumentation and tagging. On the other end of the “company ... is JSHub?. Basically, since so much of the tagging experience is the same (use JS to create an image ... · 3386 days ago

Online Notepads

... of fun. Finally, they are very dependent on tagging, and not all offer full text search, and if you ... my opinion on tagging, you can understand why I’m underwhelmed. ... · 4301 days ago

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