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The Net Takeaway: Search results: ubuntu


Danny Flamberg's Blog
Danny has been marketing for a while, and his articles and work reflect great understanding of data driven marketing.

Eric Peterson the Demystifier
Eric gets metrics, analytics, interactive, and the real world. His advice is worth taking...

Geeking with Greg
Greg Linden created Amazon's recommendation system, so imagine what can write about...

Ned Batchelder's Blog
Ned just finds and writes interesting things. I don't know how he does it.

R at LoyaltyMatrix
Jim Porzak tells of his real-life use of R for marketing analysis.






Fedora 8 in Virtual PC

... Following on from the Ubuntu issues, here is a nice post on how to get Fedora ... you need most of the same tricks you tried with Ubuntu… but Fedora makes them harder. ... · 3971 days ago

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron and Virtual PC

... written before about my fun with Virtual PC and Ubuntu. Ubuntu 7.04 and ... All Nettakeaway articles with Ubuntu ... screen, I select English, then to the “Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer”. It ... · 3906 days ago

Ubuntu 7.10 and No Mouse on Virtual PC

... Ubuntu 7.04 and ... Its because the default bit depth (colors) for Ubuntu is 24-bit, which Virtual PC does not support. ... people” issue. Anyway, if you install Ubuntu to a drive, you can just configure the colors ... inside Ubuntu and the boot will go smoothly after that. ... · 4134 days ago

VirtualBox is very impressive

... Ubuntu 7.04 and ... href="">Ubuntu 7.10 and ... · 4018 days ago

Ubuntu 7.04 and No Mouse on Virtual PC

... Ubuntu 7.10 and ... transition, and also the lastest version of Ubuntu, 7.04, which looks just like the old one. ... I couldn’t spend too much time with Ubuntu. Why? Because of a bug which affects some users ... gets good reviews. But the issue is that Ubuntu 7.04 does not recognize the mouse or keyboard in ... are frustrated that their VirtualPC Ubuntu install is now trashed, and some people on older ... · 4256 days ago

PCLinuxOS: Finally a usable Linux...

... rapidly updated incarnation, Ubuntu, as well as the more publicized ... effort into this one. ) Ubuntu is the darling of the moment ... it would be building its distribution based on Ubuntu’s improvements, which makes these more ... more likely to stay around) such as Freespire or Ubuntu… but if you aren’t looking to ... can be. PS: If you still can’t get ubuntu to work in Virtual PC, try this: ... · 4381 days ago

Infobright: The MySQL DataWarehouse

... (currently, a slew of 64 bit Linuxes, soon 32 bit Ubuntu) and reqs 16GB or more ... · 3766 days ago

What Web Analytics is Missing...

... obvious. The people who visit my site love Ubuntu Linux, the R Statistical package, and the Nero CD ... Web, not enough Analysis). Group 1 is the Ubuntu Linux guys. Group 2 is the analysis world, who ... · 3814 days ago

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