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The Net Takeaway: R Commentary


Danny Flamberg's Blog
Danny has been marketing for a while, and his articles and work reflect great understanding of data driven marketing.

Eric Peterson the Demystifier
Eric gets metrics, analytics, interactive, and the real world. His advice is worth taking...

Geeking with Greg
Greg Linden created Amazon's recommendation system, so imagine what can write about...

Ned Batchelder's Blog
Ned just finds and writes interesting things. I don't know how he does it.

R at LoyaltyMatrix
Jim Porzak tells of his real-life use of R for marketing analysis.







R Commentary · 10/19/2006 10:36 AM,

Just links to a few posts I’ve made about R outside of the useful notes in this section.

R Graph Gallery
R doesn’t want ‘newbies’... and that’s a mistake.
A very early post: R: They just left the interface out…

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  1. thanks for the website!!
    several links cannot be opened. here are some of them:

    Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics with Introduction, Code and Commentary by J H Maindonald Updated Version
    -> there is no usingR-2.pdf in that place (, only usingR.pdf

    Some tips on reading and manipulating data are in this PDF. (at
    -> i think it is a typo, it should be b51414.pdf instead of b514l4.pdf
    -> the website wont open (can not access the website…)

    Supposedly, this textbook of statistics with R is pretty good.
    -> the website wont open

    thanks again.

    hendro    Jul 3, 02:23 AM    #

  2. Thanks much for finding those! I think I’ve corrected them all.

    Michael Wexler    Jul 8, 10:04 PM    #

  3. Regarding the comment that sqldf and SQLiteDF are “similar”, note that even though sqldf and SQLiteDF both deal with R and data bases, they are actually quite different.

    sqldf would be used if you know and want to use or want to learn SQL within R. On the other hand, SQLiteDF would be used if you know R and don’t want to use SQL.

    G. Grothendieck    Jan 21, 09:49 AM    #

  4. Nice post. Thanks.

    gardenweb    Mar 13, 12:56 PM    #

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