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About me and this site... · 06/21/2006 01:59 PM,

I am Michael Wexler, a marketing research/data analysis guy (and psychologist!) who just loves tech. I’ve worked on the web and in data for over 15 years (and counting!), and I’ve worked at Microsoft, Yahoo and on a consulting basis for IBM and countless others. Most of that has been in the Boston area, with a stint in Manhattan, and another in Redmond, and then back in Boston, and now back in New York.

I am now the VP of Web Analytics at Barnes and, the online division of the largest bookstore chain in the United States. Based in New York, I am helping learn how to use data to optimize and innovate across the customer experience, both to drive sales but also to improve satisfaction and enjoyment with the site. Well, not just the site; BN also has a growing eBook and eReader presence as well…

Through August 2009, I was the VP of Marketing Insight at Yahoo!, that little site most of the internet uses every day. My focus is on helping companies use the data Yahoo! collects (over a petabyte nowadays) to make a great marketing experience for users of Yahoo!.

Up til early 2006, I had spent 6 years as the VP of Strategy and Analysis at a top email marketing company, e-Dialog. No, there was no spam coming out of that group, how else could they be able to work for people like the NFL, the NHL, American Eagle Outfitters, Tesco, or more than 60 other top brands you know and love around the world?

The Net Takeaway will include information about data analysis and marketing, about tools and tech, and an analyst’s pov on so many of the unfounded claims bouncing around the net.

Feel free to contact me via the “Mail me…” link on this site.

(Disclaimer: My opinions are mine and mine alone. Even if they do match those of my current or past employers, they would probably disavow that I exist based on my comments here. Blame me for anything I write here, not them.)

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