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The Net Takeaway: Things I don't get about Java, Pt. II


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Things I don't get about Java, Pt. II · 03/29/2004 10:59 AM, Tech

Swing. Wow. Guis are tough, no question there. And Swing has the same issues, in many ways, that TK or the Win32 gui or X has:

And among experts, for all Swing’s faults (yet another look and feel, slow, Matt Stevens mentions some good ones here), Swing is considered not so bad.

But as Matt points out in item 7, Swing does need to be simpler. I can put together a menu bar, and a text pane and a few other things… but getting them all to work consistently while adding features is just a nightmare.

We need some simpler widgets which do many of the basic things we need. I shouldn’t have to worry about all the details: Scroll bars should be automatic. A default model should be relatively full featured so I don’t have to replace with my own. “Standard” app templates (menubar, toolbar, pane, scrolls, MDI if necessary) should be a command away.

There are some attempts to make things easier, but they all rely on the programmer having done all the prep work already, as if you were going to make the Swing GUI, but wanted to type less. I want the details hidden unless I need them. (Laaaahzy!)

Also, having tried the Sun Swing tutorial (The Swing Trail, the free book by Manning, and countless other tutorials (Head First Java still makes the most sense), I still say it just seems harder than it needs to be. Or perhaps I just don’t think “MVC” enough.

Okay, enough whining. How do we fix it?

Some useful swing places to learn more:

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