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The Net Takeaway: Symantec must be joking...


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Symantec must be joking... · 09/21/2004 05:35 PM, Tech

I have used Norton Utilities since version 1. I was a PCTools fan back in the day (Central Point Software, anyone?) but after they went under, Norton was the only game in town.

Well, nowadays, they are doing everything they can to reject my money and drive me to competitors... any competitors.

They now have product activation on practically every product. As I've stated here many times, that just doesn't fly with me. Now, let's say I overlooked that and wanted to buy Systemworks 2005.

Not only is the Download price the same as the boxed price, but they will charge me an additional $7 to keep the download available after 60 days.

This is unbelievable to me. The download costs them nothing in real money compared to the boxed product. Bandwidth is just pennies compared to the manufacture of the CD, place in case, make box, pack in box, shrinkwrap or seal, stick in crate, ship to inventory, etc. etc. Then, to charge an additional $7 just to make available the fact that I paid for the product? What possible cost could there be to justify this? What, that row in the database costs $7 a year to keep fresh? (Actually, it must cost $7 for 10 months, since it does recall purchase "for free" for 60 days).

And their pathetic spin around why any of this benefits me? says,
"Product activation provides customers with assurance that they are purchasing authentic software from Symantec, which ensures the high level of quality, reliability, peace-of-mind, and ease-of-use they have come to expect from Symantec products.
By using authentic software, users can protect themselves against the risks associated with the use of pirated or counterfeit software, such as software viruses, inadequate or no product documentation, lack of technical support, software compatibility problems, and ineligibility for product upgrades."

Hmm... I always assumed that the bright yellow box, professionally printed manual, non-cdr cd, and holographic seal assured me that I was getting the buggy, often patched, and slow software that I expect from Symantec. So, I don't really need the product activation to assure me of any of this. In fact, a non-product activated version would more reflect the quality brand ethos: They would understand that I may need to reinstall their product multiple times to fix a machine. After all, that's why I buy it.

Oh, and the $7 fee? shows that this is part of how Digital River helps Symantec screw the user. The people I've met from DR are really nice, so I do sort of wonder who over there came up with this silly idea.

Sure sounds to me like something to benefit Symantec and DR and make my life difficult.

Suggestions from anyone as to a useful utilities package?

More great stuff on the silly activation and DRM issues out there can be found on the fantastic blog of Ed Foster of Infoworld fame. Well worth a read.

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  1. Well, there's McAfee, which always felt very clunky to me, Helix Nuts&Bolts is gone, but a good alt might be V-Com (formerly OnTrack of Majix Powerdesk FileManager) SystemSuite, and there's one from Iolo which I've never heard of.



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