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The Net Takeaway: A43 is worth a look...


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A43 is worth a look... · 09/28/2004 12:39 PM, Tech

In the early DOS days, file managers were all the rage. Xtree was the "power user's" tool of choice. However, Norton File Commander had its fans as well. There were a slew of dupes and attempts to mimic these tools for Windows as well, and some are still around, mostly as shareware or commercial ware. I haven't yet found one that is worth paying for, though some people swear by PowerDesk

Anyway, I stumbled on A43 via FileForum and gave it a shot.

It's very low impact: just unzip into a dir and run it. As the author mentions, easy to run off of a USB drive. However, I had trouble figuring out some of the features.

So, to save you some trouble: Note the little buttons at the bottom right?

Click on the "double-headed" one. Bingo! Up pops a slew of useful little options:

Just drag and drop a file (or, for the viewer, a collection of files) into the pane and watch things happen...

In addition, the "unzip" and "zip" buttons are not really buttons as much as drag-n-drop targets as well. Try it once to get used to it. (We (as a gui culture) need better widgets for drag targets). You can go into zip files within the tool as directories as well (sort of like Windows Explorer allows currently).

These are all really handy. In working with the tool, it can be slow to refresh a directory if it has lots of files. In addition, it can be memory pig if you use the image viewer often.

But for the price (free!), its a nice addition to the toolbox. Give it a shot...

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