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The Net Takeaway: More "research" from eROI


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More "research" from eROI · 10/19/2004 12:02 PM, Analysis Marketing

If they make one mistake, I can excuse them... but to go ahead and repeat the same flawed study, come to the same flawed conclusion, and think that they have discovered something is frightening. Even more frightening is how many people appear to believe them.

Back in July, I pointed out the various flaws in this study... and there were a ton. Observational work can only take you so far, and picking a "best day" to email is easy to test via experimentation. And as I've pointed out previously, there is no best day, at least among my 5 years of email marketing research. Experimental manipulation, holding constant the client, type of mail, type of list, call to action, etc. etc. and changing just the day reveals... that in almost every case, no difference in aggregate findings across days.

Now, in an October 12 note in Direct magazine, we see again that eROI ran the same observational study, and came to the same flawed conclusion. In the past 5 months or so, no one there thought to try a controlled experiment?

Everything I said back then still applies to their update, so I encourage you to review my previous posting. I'm not trying to bash eROI... but if this is how they "analyze" data, then one has to wonder about the accuracy of any analyses or findings they do for their clients. Ok, that last was kind of snarky, and probably unfair. How about this: Judge for yourself. Run the test. Send the same mail on different days, wait a few days to aggregate findings from early responders, weekend readers, etc., and wait the same amount of time for each mail day (that is, monday to monday, tues to tues, etc, not mail each day of the week and analyze on the next monday: this truncates sunday, but gives monday 7 full days)... and see for yourself if day of the week matters for you and your specific audience, offers, and marketing.

After all, that's what really matters, right?

(Yes, I do work for an email company, and I guess eROI are competitors, though we've never directly competed for anything. And they probably have great tech, smart folks, and fun clients... so don't hold their research flaws against them. Research is only one part of the entire e-marketing experience, and they may be great at the other pieces. The only way to know is to judge for yourself.)

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