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New Section on Net Takeaway · 12/21/2004 12:07 PM, Trivial

In case you hadn’t noticed, I have added a new section to the sidebar (one of the problems with RSS feeds: you never see navigation changes on the home site unless you visit. Perhaps its time to give excerpts instead of full content?).

Besides the ability to drill down on specific content categories (Analytic, Marketing, Tech, all in the drop down) and run a text search which have always been present, I have also made links to a few “special sections”. For example, Judoscript has a couple of entries about how to use it with tips, tricks, and sample code, so it gets a special area. These special areas do not show up in the RSS feed, and also do not contain any articles which have been published in the main blog areas. Instead, these are more tutorial and reference sections, and tend to be longer. Also, they do get picked up by the search engine.

I’ve now added an R area. For too long, there hasn’t been a document aimed at the SPSS user, the kinda savvy user who may want to play with R. Consider it a “Cliff’s Notes” version to help deal with some gotchas. So, I am taking my shot. Click on the R Statistical System link on the side to visit.

Assume that at some point, I may collect similar reference material for SPSS and Clementine, but til then, try the search engine and the categories to see what I’ve said about them (and I’ve said lots about them.

And though the company I work for mails for the NFL, the NHL, and the WWE, I am not a sports fan. But many of you are, so perhaps you might enjoy this article about using R to examine baseball stats… Analyzing Baseball Stats with R by Joseph Adler.

I’ll probably make another entry in the “special” area about various tutorials, but if you are interested in yet another quick one, try IBM’s Statistical programming with R which has 3 parts; only parts 1 and 2 are online currently.

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