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The Net Takeaway: Why are Men's Wallets so Huge?


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Why are Men's Wallets so Huge? · 01/02/2005 08:12 PM, Personal

UPDATE: Lifehacker has a nice collection of posts about wallets small and large… Wallet Hacking Roundup

Ok back to the original article….


What a joke. I was going to buy a new wallet, since the old one had so many holes that my money was falling out.

But the new world is different than the old one. Because there are so many checks for ID, now every wallet has a flip-out compartment for driver’s license or other ID cards, aka the “pass-case” wallet. The wallets themselves are all larger, in part due to more credit card slots, but in part because (I think) people like bigger wallets to feel like they have more money to carry around.

My current wallet, with all my junk in it, is about 3/4” to 1”, depending on how hard I press it. It’s about 3” tall, and 4” from fold to edge. I really just want something that matches its slim dimensions, but the current models out there are all way too big.

Let’s look at some current wallets out there:

In fact, after all my hunting, I still can’t find a bi-fold wallet which is 4” or less W, and 3” or less H. “Card cases” which are mostly smaller, don’t hold money, just credit cards.

If anyone sees a brand of wallet designed for normal size pants pockets, please let me know.

* * *


    sdlkjfsd    Apr 28, 02:53 PM    #

  2. Have you seen the Stretch? It’s thinner than all you listed and won’t put a lump in your pocket. (Editor's Addition: Justin neglected to mention that he works for the company which makes the Stretch, which is merely an elastric strap which goes around your money and cards, similar to a money clip. Since that really has nothing to do with a wallet except in its most minimalist form, I thought this spam deserved a touch of editing.)
    Justin    May 8, 09:46 PM    #

  3. It has been my experience that most wallets, measured new, shrink in size with use. When stuffed, the leather stretches and then adapts to the contour of one’s body and its contents. The dimensions, if a good, soft leather wallet, will actually become smaller (except perhaps thickness, as the contents add to thickness). The trick is to find one of quality, soft grade of leather! It usually takes me a few tries before one “softens up” adequately to qualify as “the” replacement for the wallet I’m replacing. Once it is found, it is great, because it will go everywhere with me-from down the block to distant travel, etc.
    Rich    Jul 10, 12:21 AM    #

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