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The Net Takeaway: Yahoo Desktop Search Beta launches...


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Yahoo Desktop Search Beta launches... · 01/11/2005 02:02 PM, Search

YDS is a repackaged X1, which I examine elsewhere and liked but not enough to pay for nor fully recommend; I repeat my concerns below.

A great review of YDS at PC Magazine points out the stuff not mentioned elsewhere:,1759,1749966,00.asp

“YDS has almost all the features of X1 Search version 5, which will be released by the end of January, along with a Search Web button that links directly to Yahoo! search online. The main X1 features not present in YDS are support for Eudora and Mozilla e-mail clients, the ability to index offline PST files in Outlook, and support for indexing remote drives across a network. While YDS and X1 are very similar at present, future versions are expected to diverge.”

The biggest annoyance to me is the lack of support for network drives, but that’s to be expected. After all, consumers never have more than one PC, right (sarcasm dripping)? As always, these attempts to limit “consumer” versions often mean users will choose products which DO support the features they need, even if they are “business type features” used in your very own non-business house. For example, the admirable Copernic Desktop Search supports network drives without an issue. Note that CDS has its own problems, which is that you have to manually tell it what filenames to store beyond the usual document files, a pain if you use any type of file extension besides the most common ones (and if you use any program besides Office, you probably do). That being said, its pretty good in almost every other respect.

If you want to try the Yahoo X1 offering, check out:

Note that in my examination of X1, it was very good, almost the best, but it phoned home too often for my liking given its excessive price. Since this one is free, a bit of phoning home may not matter… but I don’t know how much of the phoning home is turned off here. I just don’t like products which do it, notice or not, and if you can’t turn it off, then its a no-go for me.

X1 has taken this opportunity to release a “workgroup” edition which centralizes some management and storage issues. In the meantime, they continue to sell the desktop version for $75. That’s a steep price to pay to get no yahoo branding and network drive support.

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  1. If you have a problem with phoning home why not install the free zone alarm firewall? Both inbound and outbound conections are by permission only. So the first time an app tries to phone home you can just say “no, and remember this the next time it tries”
    Rick    Jan 22, 08:59 PM    #

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