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The Net Takeaway: Google Maps great...


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Google Maps great... · 02/08/2005 10:52 AM, Tech

I really like the new google maps. I was a huge fan of WildTangent’s MapStream, but its gone now. Same idea: scrolling map, but it required the WildTangent DirectX style plugin. CNET still has its announcement of the MapStream offering.

I am continually impressed how Google is able to implement “rich client” functionality without needing, well, a rich client.

Yes, its still in beta… but cool stuff.

Still missing, of course are:
* Metro and T stations
* Waypointing (I want a map from A to B, B to C, C back to A)
* Constraints (I want a route which avoids Route X, or which has to take Highway Y)

I find that even the commercial packages tend to fail on these requirements, unless you go to the multi-thousand dollar operations routing software for delivery businesses.

(BTW, if you dig maps, you might like my previous post on maps, both online and paper… Best Map Ever)

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  1. Try out as well. Uses a Java applet that downloads the map using a proprietary protocol and displays it.
    me    Apr 3, 06:22 AM    #

  2. Thanks for the note. I mention how useful Map24 is in a previous post Best Maps Ever along with Maporama. Both are very powerful, and though great for US maps, are fantastic for Europe mapping. (Look at for London maps; not very techie but pretty detailed.)
    Michael Wexler    Apr 3, 12:45 PM    #

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