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The Net Takeaway: Desktop Search settling down....


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Desktop Search settling down.... · 04/06/2005 05:59 PM, Tech Search

So, when we last left off (3 individual links), we had many different search tools out there, but I had basically ended up liking X1 and Copernic Desktop Search. However, I had enough reservations with both that I couldn’t use either of them.

So, what am I running these days on my work machines? X1 and Copernic.

What?, you gasp… Didn’t you have lots of complaints? Yes, but things have improved.


Using version 1.5, current as of this writing.

Both tools attempt to search music and picture files, but I don’t really use those features. Neither searches Outlook Tasks, Notes, or other more esoteric features, but those will come.

So, get X1 if you can get the NoNet version, and can pay the fee, or get Copernic 1.5 which is really turning into a very nice tool, and continues to be free.

Bang for the buck, no contest. Get Copernic. But when X1 finally lowers its price, it will be worth paying for.

(Note: I have no affiliation to either company; I paid for one and the other is a local hometown fave (now owned by a Canadian company, but who’s counting) and I am getting no compensation for complaining about either product, both of which are pretty good.)

* * *


  1. Thank you for posting about X1 in your blog. I hope people use it and love it.

    I am writing to clarify some of the issues that were raised about X1 Desktop Search:

    1. “Phone Home”

    X1 will connect to the Internet to perform these tasks:

    a) Check for updates. In the past, users could not disable this feature. However, users can now turn this off in the X1 Options. This feature was introduced into version 5.1.

    b) Upload anonymous usage data. This is data that helps us improve the product (crash information, etc.). Registered users have always had the ability to opt out of this logging completely (in the X1 Options). With version 5.0 and above, X1 now allows you to view the contents of the log files that are being sent to us before it sends out. Users can then decide if this information should go out or not.

    c) The last task cannot be disabled. X1 will send a log file that conains your registration code and a unique log id. This allows us to verify the registration code being used. This will usually happen once a day during X1 startup.

    There is no special no-net version of X1 that can be purchased by an individual.

    2. CPU Issue While Indexing

    We have identified more bugs with File indexing that can cause high CPU usage. I would encourage you to try version 5.1 (build 1616zzzzg) on our site:

    The product will continue to improve.

    3. Wildcard Search

    X1 performs searches at the beginning for words. So, the word “binary” would come up if you search for “b” or “bin” or “binar.” It will not come up if you search for “inary” or “ary.”

    Support for Wildcard searching is not in the immediate future, but it is a top feature request. I cannot guarantee if this feature will ever be in X1, but it is something that we are looking at very seriously. Again, we are always improving X1 and we are certainly not done.

    Again, thank you for posting about X1. We appreciate the feedback as well. Please continue to let us know if we are lacking in certain areas or have any other type of feedback. Anyone can let us know at this link:
    Noel Ferreria    Apr 13, 08:00 PM    #

  2. Thanks for the comments. Just a few followups:

    1) Hmm. The simple check I did (blocking all access to didn’t show any phoning home, but if your program pings an IP, I wouldn’t have caught it. I will install it on a fresh machine to verify. If, on a fresh machine, it phones home, then of course we will ask for our money back and post about it here, since I’ve been assured by multiple sales-people that the version I have should not keep pinging, even at startup.

    If I were to read into the specifics of your comment, it would appear that you are saying that individuals cannot purchase a no-phone-home version, but non-individuals (ie., companies) can?

    2) The high CPU is with the version referenced in the comment. However, I am sure you will fix it sooner or later.

    3) I suspect wildcards will come sooner or later, because x1 continually adds features and has rolled them out with no additional charge. In addition, Noel didn’t mention the new products rolling out, such as shared search for large enterprises.

    So, we can assume that somewhere along the way, X1 will add the right stuff. But as long as they continue to include reg checks, I cannot heartily recommend it.
    Michael Wexler    Apr 13, 08:38 PM    #

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