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The Net Takeaway: Statusbar Clock for Mozilla


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Statusbar Clock for Mozilla · 04/14/2005 12:38 PM, Tech

One of those extensions for Mozilla that I just can’t stop using, silly as it may be. is one source; there are others. Note that its hard coded to only work on earlier versions, but if you install on the older and upgrade to a newer version of the browser, it keeps working.

Some notes from a MozillaZine poster on how to get it to work on newer versions as a fresh install:

Download the xpi-file
rename it to .zip
open the new "zip"-file
edit the file "install.rdf"
change <em:maxVersion>0.10</em:maxVersion>
        to <em:maxVersion>1.1</em:maxVersion>
save the file and put it in the zip-file again
rename to xpi and install it. 

BTW, if you love this kind of stuff, lots of great extensions for Mozilla at as well as from your browser (Tools | Extensions).

Also, if you want a titlebar clock on every app instead of just the statusbar clock on just Mozilla, try TitleBarClock for Windows for free, or his TitleBarClockPro with many more powerful customization options for a small fee (about $10US).

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