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The Net Takeaway: CDMA Sucks? Or not?


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CDMA Sucks? Or not? · 07/22/2005 05:01 PM, Tech

Every person I’ve talked to who appears to know has said that CDMA is defective for a variety of reasons, from single owner (Qualcomm) to how it benefits the carriers for than the users.

(BTW, some complaints were received like “What the heck is CDMA anyway?” CDMA is one of the standards for cell phones in the US (and a few other places). GSM is the standard practically everywhere else. Some US carriers use GSM (Cingular, TMobile) allowing their phones to be used in Europe. Verizon, the largest of the US wireless companies, uses this CDMA so their phones are useless in Europe. So, the largest carrier has chosen a standard which appears to lock the user into a US-only network. I am not a fan of that, but recent data may moderate my opinion… read on.)

But Andrew Kantor makes a compelling case in USAToday that not only is CDMA great, its better than GSM (even though GSM is the European standard).

Since I’ve never heard anyone state this clearly, I thought I’d link to it and let the reader decide.

Andrew Kantor: Rocky beginning led to today’s high-speed cell networks

More detail here and at the USS Clueless.

Funny enough, lots of tech talk around why CDMA doesn’t suck, so maybe its a given that it does? A ” The lady doth protest too much, methinks” issue? Keep tuned for the Verizon multiband phone which will be CDMA here in the US, GSM overseas, and the size of a small bus (just kidding on that last part, it will only be as big as a suitcase).

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