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The Net Takeaway: Open Source BI?


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Open Source BI? · 08/07/2005 07:42 PM, Analysis Database

Yes, there still is no really cohesive OLAP/BI solution in Open Source, but there are lots of interesting things happening that you should keep an eye on.

Nicholas Goodman and the Bayon Blog has one of the best entries on this trend, including lots of links to the various subpieces and some good POVs on which might be a winner… OPEN SOURCE BI – I LIKE PENTAHO.

Actually, Nicholas’ blog has a great bunch of entries and updates recently, so I suggest you read the whole thing…

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  1. You may wish to take a look at PALO (

    PALO is an open source MOLAP server, whereby values can be written back directly to RAM.
    Being a 64bit OLAP server it will be able to hold large amounts of data in memory.

    It will be available for windows and Linux and have extensive APIs for advanaced users. For data entry and reporting a free excel add-in is available.

    Functionaly it will be similar to commerical offering such as Applix’s TM1 and MIS Alea.

    Applications include uses such as bugeting and forecasting, BPM.
    john    Oct 10, 03:27 PM    #

  2. I went to this Palo site (aka and it looks very interesting. I’ll play more with it soon…
    Michael Wexler    Oct 10, 05:32 PM    #

  3. These guys – – appear to be building BI sytems using open-source – from ERPs like PeopleSoft and JDE.
    Peter    May 30, 02:10 PM    #

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