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My home no longer exists. · 09/01/2005 03:49 AM, Personal

I grew up in New Orleans, in Metairie right by Lake Pontchartrain. Thanks to Katrina, everything I knew from my childhood has been swept underwater, and my family is impossible to contact. I know some are safe, and others… Well, we’ll find out when we can. Up here in Boston, it’s hard to fully understand what they are going through down there, but words like “armageddon”, “disaster”, and “absolute desolation” come to mind.

Please, if you can, consider donating some money to the Red Cross at

Live news updates at WWL TV now broadcasting out of Houston.

I hope that every reader with family in the South has their families safely away. My prayers are with us all.

Update: Katrina Bloggers Fund Raising. Hugh Hewitt suggested that bloggers pick a day and raise funds for the Katrina Relief Effort. So, today is the day. Take a second and give a little bit. You’ll feel better… and so will the people still in New Orleans.

More participants and info here and learn more about the variety of relief efforts and donation info at Instapundit.

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