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In Conference... · 09/30/2005 08:39 AM, MetaBlog

I’m at my company’s user conference for 2 days, but I’ve received a flood of comments on my various “dislike tagging” articles (3 so far, search on tagging in the search box for:

I Hate Tags
I still hate tagging….
I continue to despise tagging…
Tag-Hater at Yahoo, home of tagging?


The comments are well thought out and organized, and deserve a response… but it will have to wait, for which I apologize.

But don’t let that stop you; do see what these folks have said. Its a good snapshot of some of the places tagging may be valuable, as opposed to some of the articles postulating that tagging will replace breathing as the center of our lives. (Ok, I exaggerate… but only a bit)

Finally, here is a link which… well, I leave it to you. She’s a smart one, but I find her attempt to ascribe cognitive advantages to tagging a bit… well, it belittles her other smart work. But its a good quick read. A cognitive analysis of tagging. In addition, I was pointed to a slight rebuttal here.

(For those who care, my background is in Social Psych with a focus on Quant and Cognitive, so I examine it as a person in the field, not the average reader. But YMMV.)

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