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The Net Takeaway: See NYC your way...


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See NYC your way... · 11/01/2005 03:06 PM, Marketing

There are analysts who like to hide in the back and never see the light of day. And there are analysts who feel they’ve paid their dues in the trenches and want to focus on “being strategic” with the use of analytics.

But few of us ever actually step far enough from our numbers to really create something new and different, something that we can build on our own, which might reflect technology or computation, but really is new and different from analysis.

Brian Teasley has done just that.

I heard about him from mutual friends in Digitas (where I worked when it was still just “SIG”). He is based in NYC, and went independent with his own consulting group Teasley. At e-Dialog, we’ve used him to help out when we get flooded, and he’s been a great help. He’s also done some interesting ad hoc analyses of census and survey data to show, for example, where most eligible bachelors would live and other little tidbits which got him a few 15 minutes here and there.

Now, he’s gone a step further. He’s created CityShow NYC, as he puts it, “the World’s Coolest GPS Tour Guide System!”. When you visit the city, you rent the handheld-GPS device. Then, wherever you are, it tells you cool and useful things. For example, let’s say you are stuck on the Upper East Side (Hey, I lived on e9th x bway, so if you are in the 70s, you are stuck) after seeing a gallery. You could wander around looking for a place to eat, or a bathroom… but with CityShow, you see right on the device some options.

In addition, he has voice talent describing places and life in NY. The actors are experienced, and know the city. Its a great way to not only see the usual stuff, but see the stuff “just around the corner” that normally you would just blow by…

Now, I’m sure he’ll have sponsors for various areas, and I’m sure it will build into a service which one could pay for and receive over the wireless aether in the future… but for now, its one of a kind, and his service is the only way to experience NYC in this way.

Hey, I lived there and I still get lost. A GPS tour guide might be the best thing next to having your own personal resident guide. If you are heading to NYC and want to tour, give CityShow NYC a try. I think its great when analysts remind us that they are more than just number crunchers. Not all of us are brave, but Brian shows us that with some effort, it can be done.

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