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The Net Takeaway: MIT OpenCourseware is amazing.


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MIT OpenCourseware is amazing. · 04/02/2004 10:57 AM, Analysis

MIT has, like many times before, taken that next step. The MIT OpenCourseware project is basically a CMS system for professors to load up their course content… and its open to the world.

That’s right, the same courses on cutting edge physics, on the latest in numerical analysis, even the Sloan School of Management courses, all there.

Now, not every course is as complete as others: Some include no real content, just the “structure”. You would still need to buy your own textbook, for example, or find the articles referenced in the syllabus. But the infamous problem sets, exams, calendars, references, all the pieces you need to get “learned up” on a sophisticated subject are there.

Now, having met lots of MIT people, I can safely say that this in no way replaces an MIT experience. Its a unique place. But if you have no way to get anywhere near MIT, you can at least get a flavor of the knowledge they posess and build.

This is an amazing gift to the world.

And yes, its been around for over a year now… but with 200 additional courses added recently, and now “part I and part II” pieces of year long courses available, its worth a new look.

If nothing else, at least look at the Information and Entropy course. Unique in the world, this is an amazing way to view information. (Search on “information theory” if you dig this stuff for more info…)

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