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The Net Takeaway: The Prisoner being remade...


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The Prisoner being remade... · 11/20/2005 04:19 PM, Trivial

I love The Prisoner. When I was last in the UK, I finally got the 1960s novelizations of the story, esp. that amazing first one by Thomas Disch... If you haven’t seen the show on BBC (or BBC America or PBS), some of the links in this entry will tell you what you are missing. But use that Tivo, and record the episodes (there are only 12). If you like paranoia, James Bond, or any aspect of 60s individualisma and pop, you will enjoy everything (except the last episode, but forgive him, I have).

Or, you can wait til its finally remade, thanks to Sky One in the UK. More at Slashdot….

Now, 2 points if anyone can tell me the name of the company which made the wonderful Prisoner game for the Apple ][... but don’t click on the MobyGames The Prisoner listing til you’ve racked your brain. This was a great text (later graphic) adventure. At one point, it kicked you out to the prompt (”]”), and made you think you had left the game. As you tried to get it to reload, like an old protection scheme, the system wanted you to type in some information the game wanted… and if you did, you lost, since you had never really left the game!

Some other sites with Prisoner Info:
The Prisoner Appreciation Society
and those who dislike this group,
The wonderful FAQ
No longer up, but still at
including that wonderful font on

Be seeing you.

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