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The Net Takeaway: Spss Users are impressive...


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Spss Users are impressive... · 12/21/2005 01:59 AM, Analysis

I know, its been ages. I’ve been busy. Boy, will I have some stories to tell soon… But til then, here’s a chance to read the stories of some other pretty interesting people.

King Douglas, who’s day job is as a senior analyst at American Airlines, has lots of fun as a photographer and artist. And, as part of the SPSS Directions conference this year, he went to five countries on three continents and returned with detailed profiles of six SPSS experts (many of which are well known to readers of the SPSS-X list).

Read all about the variety of these folks who have in common a shared love of SPSS and analysis, but experience every other aspect of life in myriad ways.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am fascinated when I encounter folks who can use both parts of their brain: the rigor of analysis and the creativity to make beauty around it. I tend to be not so hot on the creative stuff, but akin to Chief Justice Warner (or Chief Justice Potter Stewart or Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, who can remember who actually said the original line about pornography), I recognize it when I see it.

These folks, and King himself, remind us that we don’t have to be number-heads all the time; get out and try not to use the letters S or P for an entire day. You and your clients/staff/friends/family will all benefit.

Heck, start a blog. You see how frequently I’ve been able to update mine, you know you can do better.

Oh, and just in case it takes me too long to update again, Happy Holidays to you all!

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