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Hardware questions of the day... · 02/11/2006 12:09 AM, Tech

1) I have an external 80G Iomega hard drive, connects to USB, etc. I presume the inside is just a plain ol’ IDE drive, right? That is, I should be able to open it up, pull out the drive, and put in any traditional IDE (aka PATA) drive, correct? It seems so, but I haven’t tested it yet. Anyone try this? Does Iomega do anything non-standard which would prevent this?

Answer: A little hunting revealed this thread which talks specifically about the Iomega DHD080-U, but gives hints for most of the drives. It points out that a) there are 2 hidden screws under the rubber feet in the back, and b) its easy to replace with a drive up to 137GB, but the board in the box may not support higher, and that the ventilation is weak in these boxes since they have no fan (cheap Iomega!).

2) I now have a Linksys SRX WRT54GX. This is just like all my other Linksys routers, and no, I haven’t put any 3rd party firmware on it, though it is the Linux version. But instead of worrying about all that stuff, I have a simpler question.

Does anyone have any idea what USB adapter will work with this SRX stuff? Even Linksys themselves don’t have one! SRX is just their name for MIMO, will any MIMO adapter work? BTW, MIMO also appears under the names True MIMO, Pre-N, VLocity, and RangeMax. Will any of these work?

Check out the product page for Linksys and try to sort through SpeedBooster, SRX, and just plan 11g. There are PCI SRX adapters (don’t want to waste a slot), PCMCIA SRX adapters (I have a desktop)... and that’s it. In fact, it was only a few months ago that they finally made a normal sized USB adapter at all, instead of this monstrosity. Oh, and what the heck is SpeedBooster, anyway?

So, Linksys is out. Any suggestions on who makes an ok USB normal sized MIMO adapter which will work with this Linksys router?

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