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The Net Takeaway: Nasonex and Batman?


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Nasonex and Batman? · 02/13/2006 08:51 PM, Trivial

Why, you might ask, would those go together? For those who don’t know, Nasonex is an anti-allergy medication. You might have seen their constant TV ads involving a computer generated bee:

Now, does Batman have allergies? Does he carry the Nasonex sprayer on his utility belt?

Well, no. But in stumbling around the web, I found out who made these ads. And the man responsible is the one who drew, to me, the iconic Batman. Not the Frank Miller one; Miller drew his inspiration from this man, who changed Batman from the buffoon of the 60s to the Dark Knight of the 70s. He also added the yellow backdrop to the chest logo, saluted by Miller in the line from The Dark Knight Returns, “Why do you think I wear a yellow target on my chest? I can’t armor up my head.”

If you can’t guess, click here. Or see just why I will always think of this version of Batman here.

Is this a sell out? Well, he’s gotta pay the bills. But these ads are on my list of most annoying things ever. It’s too bad that the man who made the indelible image of Batman is now making the “wish it could be burned from my retinas” ads on TV.

Maybe, someday, Batman will swoop in and stomp on the bee. I can dream, can’t I?

* * *


  1. I’d like to know where you got your information. Frankly, I think you’re full of it. How do you know Nasonex art wasn’t contrived by some pimply faced kid who’s in love with the latest 3d app? Take a look at that bee. That’s no pretty bee. A master artist wouldn’t create THAT. And I resent the fact that you call these ads annoying when this company is bringing in the dough. Your dough. Peace. Nasonex. Out.
    A Reader    Feb 14, 02:43 PM    #

  2. Personally, I’ve found their direct marketing to be far superior to their branding work, esp. their interactive direct email. Biased? Sure, but that’s because its done by the great people at e-Dialog.

    More about the bee, like Pixar and BBDO’s involvement, at And search on Pixar Bee to see other bee-haters…
    Michael Wexler    Feb 14, 11:29 PM    #

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