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The Net Takeaway: Videora update on the way?


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Videora update on the way? · 02/20/2006 06:13 PM, Tech

I haven’t yet upgraded my Apple iPod firmware to 1.1 yet, because of lots of complaints about video performance from Videora converted videos (on Apple forums, Videora forums, and blogs). For many people, the videos just stop playing about 30 seconds in. This seems to be more of an issue on the 60gb than the 30gb iPods, btw, so if you have the smaller one, go ahead and upgrade.

Note, btw, that Apple has made not one mention or official recognition of any of this pain. No blogger, no leak, no nothing. Could it be that they don’t know about it? I doubt it… but at the same time, this issue has really not been carried as well as it should have by the various iPod sites such as iLounge or iPodGarage. No rumblings or revivals of the story, no updates, nothing. I am somewhat surprised, given the fuss about the battery issues just a few years ago. Maybe not enough people were impacted… but I consider this a huge letdown by the “social community” around an issue which Apple could easily have addressed with nothing more than a tech note. With our whimper and whiff, Apple gets away with another abuse of its customers.

The issue, according to some of the more technical posts, seems to be with the way Videora puts together the final package of audio and video (aka muxing).

But according to this thread on the Videora iPod Converter forums, the Videora folks are playing with a fix which will not only convert new video properly, but include an option to “repair” the previously converted files. This will presumably be version 0.92; as I write this, 0.91 is still the current version on the Videora iPod Converter home page.

Now, if you can’t wait, there are lots of techie-tools which will let you “re-mux” yourself. These are not for the faint of heart. Some folks have tried to strip this down to the essentials, and if you want to give it a shot yourself, mrtony’s post from the above thread is about the simplest I’ve seen:

If you’re like me and you’ve already transcoded a bunch of movies using Videora 0.91 and now they won’t play right on the new iPod 1.1 firmware, follow these simple steps:

1) Download and install Yamb.

2) Run Yamb.

3) On the “Mux” tab, add the old MP4 file to the “Audio & Video” section.

4) Leave the “Subtitles” and “Chapters” sections blank.

5) Leave the “Output” filename to the default or change it to whatever.

6) Click the “Mux” button. The progress bar might loop through a few times, just wait for the log message “Muxing finished completely”. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

7) Remove the old MP4 file from your iTunes library, add the new MP4 file, sync to iPod, and enjoy!

I haven’t tested this. Seems simple enough, so if you try it, let me know what you find. In the meantime, check out that thread and see if the “0.92” version helps.

I’ll update here when the 0.92 is finally released.

* * *


  1. You’re right – there should be more fuss about this in the apple community.
    btw – I have the 30g viPod with the same issues as the 60g model.
    Simon    Feb 23, 01:13 AM    #

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