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The Net Takeaway: Time for a Change...


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Time for a Change... · 03/31/2006 01:35 AM, Marketing Personal

So, its been quiet around here… too quiet. Why? Because I’ve been in the midst of a huge change in my life, and haven’t had the time to blog as much as I might like. And now its time to share it.

Starting in a mere few weeks, I am becoming a Yahoo!. That’s right, I am leaving e-Dialog, not because they are in trouble (on the contrary, the client wins in both US and UK are staggering; if you are sending email but not with e-Dialog, you are just throwing away money) but because this was too good to pass up.

I will be a VP of Marketing Insight, based out of the New York City office but working with a team of analysts in Sunnyvale. I will be working under Usama Fayyad and Bassel Ojjeh whom I met when I was at Microsoft. They’ve managed to pull together some of the most impressive talent I’ve ever met, from Bob Page who started Accrue to most of the DMXGroup.

Yahoo has some of the largest databases on the planet (as viewed by the 2005 Winter Corp awards) around registered users, but not all the advertisers are taking advantage of this information. My role will be to help guide marketers in how to best leverage this information and understand how data and user-generated media can help them best market their brand. Its a combination of analysis and education, a mix of branding and direct (search marketing), and a chance to work with some of the largest media players on the planet.

So, things will continue to be chaotic here, but I’ll keep you all up to date on how the transition is going… It will involve moving from the Boston area to somewhere around Manhattan, as well as becoming a frequent flyer to San Jose/Sunnyvale (JetBlue, here I come), on top of all the other fun things which go with a new job. It’ll be fun! Hang on, it may get bumpy, but the end will be worth it.

PS: I also get to work with Wenda Harris Millard who you may recall as either a) EVP of Doubleclick, b) publisher of more magazines than you can count, or c) part of the last ep of the recent run of The Apprentice

* * *


  1. Congrats on the job change. I didn’t know Y! had offices in the northeast.

    (If only one of the big guys would open an office in New Jersey … wishful thinking … sigh.)

    Oh, man … Accrue. At one company I worked for, they bought a license for Accrue … yikes. At the time (~4 years ago) it did NOT like Vignette and it’s CURLs. Rendered their app. pretty useless, really.
    Dossy Shiobara    Mar 31, 09:06 AM    #

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