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Work started... · 04/19/2006 12:22 PM, Personal

Its been a crazy couple of weeks. I’ve been living in Brooklyn, in the apartment of my wife’s family in the Brighton Beach area (called “Little Odessa by the Sea”). Its a tight squeeze for the average American family but for a Russian family, its no big deal. The B takes you right into Manhattan, and there was no need for a passport when leaving Brkln and entering Manh. Ha. Anyway, Manhattan is just like I remember it from a few years ago; some things never change, except David Lee Roth is still on the radio; that needs to change.

The onboarding was a bit chaotic here, but that’s to be expected given the incredible growth of Yahoo! (and all the tech companies; search your favorite news site for the many stories ad nauseum). Like Microsoft, full of really smart people who can think as fast as you can. Unlike Microsoft, they are much, much nicer about everything. Not everyone is kind and patient, but since practically no one at MS was, this is a pleasant change. (Of course, this is kind and patient crossed with NYC, so we do count in New York Minutes here.)

The intranets here are amazing: sites far superior to any intranet I’ve seen for any company. The group I work with, SDS, actually has designers available to assist with getting clean content up on a shared intranet knowledgebase, as well as programmers to add tracking features so we can understand what content people are reading, as well as full comment capability. Really impressive.

In addition, there was always a line on the Twiki site that Yahoo! uses this wiki, but they really, really leverage it. Tons of docs and ideas are stored via this software, and the wiki captures the history and growth of projects so you know why something is the way it is, even if you don’t like it.

Lots of emphasis on DIY tools here; they’ve found that the scale of data and speed of action required for their business often necessitates the building of new technologies for which there are no outside substitutes. Yes, they do acquire companies when necessary, and they do use tools like Oracle here and there… but they’ve solved lots of problems by throwing smarts at it instead of shelfware.

So, lots to learn, and on top of it all, still no place to live here. I’ll be commuting between Boston, NY, and Sunnyvale for a time, so my life will be what happens between airports. Also, my parents-in-law have every type of eastern european food, but they don’t have broadband, so posting may be in spurts over time.

More soon…

* * *


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