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The Net Takeaway: How big is Yahoo!?


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How big is Yahoo!? · 06/15/2006 01:45 AM, Analysis

No one will ever know… but some folks tried to display multiple dimensions of data around the network which is Yahoo!, and presented it at the 2006 IASummit. The data is from late 2004, but most of it is still relevant.

Top link. Save the final poster to your desktop then open it, much faster than the stream-and-open approach.

Below, borrowed from the NixonNow blog, is a reduced size picture of the 3.5 foot by 12 foot full size poster.

Yahoo! Network Diagram (Late 2004)

Yahoo! Network Diagram (Late 2004). Originally uploaded by NIXON*NOW.

From the poster:”This network diagram is a high-level representation of Yahoo! from a brand perspective. The purpose of the diagram is to illustrate brand integration points and reveal areas of functionality that may influence decisions about how the brand is used. Each group of “chips,” when collected on a ”floor,” characterizes a property, universal tool, or other unit of Yahoo!.”

Not only impressive in scope and scale, but a great example of IA and visualization.

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