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The Net Takeaway: X1 now free... Sort of.


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X1 now free... Sort of. · 06/19/2006 06:44 PM, Search

You may recall that when I reviewed desktop search in Dec 2004, I said X1 Desktop for $75 was the best but for its high cost and phoning home. Copernic wound up the winner then. Both searched network drives, which none of the other tools I examined did. And for free, Copernic was hands down ahead of every other tool… and still is; I use it every day.

In a few other posts I kept coming back to the same conclusion.

Well, things have somewhat changed. X1 is now free on the desktop and according to their support line, it no longer phones home. But its not the same one you would have paid $75 for. They have completely removed network drive searching making it basically the same version Yahoo was shipping as “Yahoo Desktop Search”.

ITWorld writes about it, and the bottom left of the X1 home page gives the link. If you’ve wasted your time with any other search besides Copernic, uninstall immediately and give X1 a try; it really is far superior to any other free search product… as long as you don’t need to search a network drive. If you use Copernic and dont need network drive indexing, its a tough call… but X1 lets you act on results as a group (for moving or deleting) (Copernic only lets you act on one item in a search set at a time) and also searches Outlook Calendar, which Copernic doesn’t yet. Note that this free version still doesn’t search network drives, which is a real shame. Can you tell how annoyed I am about this little “feature”?

Running both is a waste of resources, so pick your favorite. Its a hard decision, but worth testing… unless you need to index network drives, in which case, Copernic is the only choice.

And X1 has managed to disappoint me yet again.

PS: Rumour has it that Google Desktop Search will search network drives in its latest incarnation, see

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