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HopStop on top... · 07/11/2006 03:51 PM, Reference

In this “ajaxified”, “tagged”, “social-linked” “user created media” world, sometimes you just want to get from here to there. All these new mapping tools, as cool as they are, suffer from many of the same problems. A new site solves one of the biggest.

So what’s wrong with the scrolling maps which brought us Ajax and Web 2.0, a registered trademark of O’Reilly Media, Inc.?

But even Mapquest still sucks for public transportation listings. Who’s the winner here?

This site focuses on mapping subway and walking directions for major cities like New York, Boston, Washington, and San Francisco. It tells walking distance to the nearest stop, what line to take, what stations to skip, where to transfer, alternative lines to take (since some trains share tracks for some stops, you can take the B or the Q, for example), and how to walk to your final destination.

Even better: They have a mobile version… doesn’t help in the tunnels, but when you have to get uptown pretty fast from downtown and the streets are jammed, a few phone taps and you have the perfect route.

Now, some of you folks are saying “how hard is it to memorize the subway map?” Yes, if you grew up in NY, you have it memorized… but if you are new, visiting, or going to a part of town you are not familiar with, this is a lifesaver… and its an area completely untouched by the other mapping sites.

I encourage you to check out No ajax, no fancy stuff, just fulfilling a need cleanly and quickly.

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