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The Net Takeaway: Why are there so many scumbags?


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Why are there so many scumbags? · 07/21/2006 11:12 AM, Tech

Beyond the usual spammers, phishers, affiliate mailers, etc. ad nauseum, now the light is being shone on Domain Stealers.

I am embarrassed at how much money is made from “domain match” services offered by various search ad companies which reinforce the desire to set up bogus sites full of ads. I am embarrassed at how well these sites rank in search listings. The better the domain name, the more relevant the auto-ads will be and the more likely it will show up well in organic search.

But where do they come up with such clever names for these sites? If they aren’t typosquatting, then they wind up taking them from you.

Yes, according to a variety of links in this Digg posting entitled Whois Hijacking My Domain Research?, simply the act of searching for your new name will get someone else to buy it before you do.

I lost 3 good domain names to a company in the Caymans til I decided to just quit waiting and buy whatever I came up with next. It seemed fishy, but I was new to this domain stuff. So this has been going on for at least 5 years.

The article focuses on this collection of jerks, Chesterton Holdings in LA. Feel free to pour your wrath on them and any others who play similar games.

I encourage others to link to these stories and blog about them. We can’t kill all the scumbag practices out there, but we can make it embarrassing to be associated with them. Hey, its a start…

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