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The Net Takeaway: Stupid things on NY Streets:59Fifty


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Stupid things on NY Streets:59Fifty · 08/11/2006 11:30 AM, Trivial

I know NY is supposed to be a fashion mecca, and that street-fashion is the precursor to upcoming trends… but they just look so stupid sometimes.

The latest is the rise of the “flat-brimmed” caps, aka 5950 or 59Fifty.

And, if you aren’t a sports fan, get one designed by Jay-Z himself. Wow. Don’t wait, click here.

What may be the zenith, I hope, are the bling-packed creations of NewEraCap who first created this version of the venerable baseball cap.

Like the recent rise and fall of trucker hats, these designers take something which looked stupid in the late seventies/early eighties and make it stupider.

Look, years ago people actually in the sun figured out that by curving the brim, you actually get better protection and it doesn’t make you look like a dork.

But of course, that’s not what fashion is about: Its about having a unique look… that everyone can easily copy… and is worn by at least one b- or c-list celeb for a few seconds.

Anyway, look for these caps at a local mall, soon next to the stack of Von Dutch unsellables… but it will be cool for a nano-second, so you can say you saw it here first.

Or, don’t even drive to the mall; just go to a street corner or street fair near you… thanks to the Asian manus like “Cali Board Sports Consortium Hk Ltd” via, who says “CBSC has perfected the art of the flat brim cap. Our caps are made similar in every way to the 5950 caps of our major competitor. Except ours are higher in quality. ”

That’s right: tacky and cheap, just like we like ‘em.

* * *


  1. You are so wrong.The 59fifty hats are really cool and everyone likes them. I bet you are a geek with no sense of fashion who hates 59fifty hats because all the regular kids who are not your friends wear them.

    joshua carrazana    Jun 2, 05:03 PM    #


    anonymous    Jun 14, 04:23 PM    #

  3. dude, flat caps are awesome. How can you bag the style of the street like this….man am i with josh and anonymous

    Sarah    Aug 21, 07:02 AM    #

  4. I like some of the hats and their designs but I hate it when people leave the stickers on them. That is just stupid.

    Matt    Sep 19, 06:36 PM    #

  5. I’m with all the people who do like them because if you don’t like them you need a life.

    Jimmy    Mar 23, 06:43 PM    #

  6. I hope all you retards that think these look cool come back in 5 years when you grow up and post about how much of an idiot you were. And for gods sakes wear pants that fit you. Shorts that touch your ankles and make your underpants stick out look STUPID.

    Leon    May 16, 12:38 PM    #

  7. these hats look great

    new era hats    Jun 12, 01:12 PM    #

  8. geez people, just let other guys wear there hats. who cares what you think?

    Sammeh    Jul 28, 05:23 PM    #

  9. these caps are hilarious. i cant believe people put these caps on and go out in public. you look like retards

    rust    Sep 26, 04:47 PM    #

  10. Most of the hip hops wear these caps. =) Its cool wearing those. Love it.

    skin moles    Jan 7, 07:15 PM    #

  11. im srry but new era hats comment crakked me up LoLZ

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii    Dec 14, 10:44 PM    #

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