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The Net Takeaway: Yes, it's back...


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Yes, it's back... · 09/11/2006 09:08 PM, Personal

Sorry about the down time there… A scumbag hacker broke into the poorly defended and completely not backed up servers at my previous hoster, who I won’t even link to because they don’t deserve the link-goodness, but used to be known as Netbunch. Then, “Web Host Plus” acquired them, and they went down the drain.

So, we lost everything. And of course, it happened during my physical move from Boston to NYC, so everything was packed up. I finally was able to pull out one of my old backups, but its been hard to restore everything. Sorry for any hiccups.

Who did I finally choose for hosting? I had a list of over 30 interesting candidates from the folks at, a great discussion group of opinionated and nasty people, always good to hear all the negatives. My final two choices came down to Dreamhost which I had used before and A Small Orange which is a smaller hoster, but with rave reviews.

I had liked Dreamhost, but they had some gaps recently in service, and their control panel is really strange. So, I chose A Small Orange which has a forum, amazingly fast support, and lots of other nice hosters.

It reminds me of the early days of Mesopia and the other small ISPs, where the owner actually chats on the forum, discusses issues, and helps you solve problems. Nice… but they are very clear about not doing backups. Yes, its still cheap hosting.

So, we’ll see if things are more stable here than at the scumbags. And give A Small Orange a try if you are looking for hosting, they seem pretty good so far.

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