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The Net Takeaway: Welcome, StumbleUpon visitors...


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Welcome, StumbleUpon visitors... · 09/21/2006 11:51 AM, MetaBlog

On September 14th, 2006, I got a visit with a referrer from StumbleUpon linking to my somewhat popular article, Firefox 1.5 Eats Memory.

Its actually an old article, but none of these problems have been fixed, and some folks playing with 2.0 imply that the issues are present there as well.

Since that first visit, the StumbleUpon “share with others” system has resulted in 1,384 visitors over the past 6 days, or an additional 250 people per day.

That’s pretty good given that I did nothing to solicit this traffic. Its not digg or slashdot, but hopefully its introduced this blog to some new faces and given them some useful info about how to reduce Firefox’s memory use while learning about tagging, desktop search, and analysis approaches.

Interestingly enough, you can see their attempt at a busines model when you click on the referring link:
StumbleUpon Referrer. They give me a chance to pay for getting the link distributed. Seems strange, since I did nothing and it got distributed already; why would I want to pay for something I got for free?

They must have something, because Mitch Kapor was part of their recent investments, and they moved from Canada to San Fran. Like tagging, they give you a great way to serendipitiously discover things… but also like tagging, is relatively useless for any directed search. As long as you think the web is entertaining, this is a interesting little tool

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