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The Net Takeaway: Best New Program: Taskbar Shuffle


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Best New Program: Taskbar Shuffle · 10/19/2006 11:13 AM, Tech

Windows has made good and bad UI changes over time, but I get used to them. What’s strange is the basic stuff they miss, version after version.

Case in point: The running programs taskbar.

First off, I turned off “grouping” of docs within programs like Office. It hides how many apps or docs you actually have running, which becomes problematic on a laptop. Yes, it does conserve screenspace, but I found that it just slowed me down when looking for just that one open doc.

As a result, I have lots of little things at one time on the Windows taskbar. But programs load in different orders; I open and close things at various times… and it sure would be nice to be able to put apps I am using together next to each other to make switching between them easier when mousing. (Yes, Alt-Tab is a good friend, but with lots of apps, the pointer can, at times, be faster, esp. with a rockin’ Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball, the best trackball made).

But you actually can’t control the display order of apps once loaded. Windows lists the programs in load order. You actually have to kill programs and re-open them to get them in the order you want on the taskbar.

Til now.

Finally comes a program which lets you drag and drop the taskbar running programs in any order you want. Magic and happiness abounds.

Taskbar Shuffle

It’s now on all of my machines, next to PureText and the A43 file manager.

(via those clever elves at Lifehacker: Download of the Day: Taskbar Shuffle)

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