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The Net Takeaway: Welcome to your new home... signed, a Dentist


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Welcome to your new home... signed, a Dentist · 10/28/2006 04:29 PM, Personal

When you move, your name and new address gets offered for list rental to anyone who wants it, via list companies like this. Local and national businesses rent the names to offer their services. Home Depot and Lowe’s, for example, know that new movers often need to fix up their house, so that makes sense for them to offer coupons and mailers.

Where we moved in Westfield, NJ, I expected those, and also the ones from the garden and fertilizer world. The gutter-cover guys were also expected. I was a bit surprised at the number of “tree doctors” who mailed us, but hey, maybe its a real problem here.

Kudos to Scape-Abilities as the best of the garden groups, for they sent us a box with a small trowel, gloves, and other gardening equipment.

But more than any other, we’ve gotten mail from 7 different dental groups. One or two I get, but 7? Some are focusing on whitening, some on “modern technology”, and some on kid friendly… but is the dental field so bad that they have to “ambulance chase” new users? No other doctors sent me notes. One pediatric group did, but there are tons who didn’t. No lawyers or other “professionals” sent me notes to get my business… so why so many dentists?

And perhaps the dental field might expand its give-aways. Each dentist included either a tooth-shaped magnet or a floss-card (or both).

I guess it works for them or they wouldn’t keep doing it, but its sad. I mean, this puts them at the level of chiropractors in my eyes… and even they weren’t so desperate as to hit me as a new mover.

So, glad to feel welcome here in Westfield… by the local dental community, and some gardners. BTW, anyone need a few tooth-shaped magnets?

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