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The Net Takeaway: The New(est) Doctor Who


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The New(est) Doctor Who · 10/28/2006 05:00 PM, Trivial

(For those who are saying “Dr. Who who?”, instead of pointing you to a “Who’s on First” writeup like I wanted to, instead I’ll point you to the Wikipedia entry on Doctor Who.)

If you’ve known me for a while, you know I have a soft spot for the UK, esp. their TV and music. Yes, they make lots of garbage, but then they turn around and make magic. And both of those apply to the new Dr. Who.

(This is actually the 3rd go round; we won’t talk about that depressing joke in the 90s.)

I actually disliked (ok, hated) the first season guy, the “Ninth Doctor”, played by Christopher Eccleston. He really managed to muck it up pretty badly, and the few times I saw him, I realized that it could be a great show… if he weren’t on it.

Eccleston was really annoying. Its ok for the Doctor to be quirky, and to be rude as part of that quirk is acceptable… but to be just a complete jerk is really not what the character is about.

But when he left and David Tennant joined up, I gave it another chance…

And it charmed me. For the first time in a while, I didn’t wish I had Tivoed it so I could jump to the end and save some time. I really wanted to experience it as it played. Billie Piper as Rose is a great companion, Tennant has whimsy and grit, and the show makes lots of knowing nods to its past, including bringing back original characters and enemies from the early days. The plots unfold quite nicely, effects are far (really far) more clever than the original series and actually better than lots of the big-budget shows, and (dare I say it), you actually believe that there may be Time Lords and other such groups running around out there.

I recently saw The Girl in the Fireplace and though the ending was a stretch, it had lots of great parts with a fantastic performance by Sophia Myles. I was just flipping channels, and I couldn’t get past this show. The Cybermen episode was also just as good.

The BBC is the “official” home, and as it runs on the SciFi network here in the states, also has some info.

I don’t have much time to see TV these days, so other than Lost, I don’t watch much. And yes, Battlestar Galactica is impressive… but its also depressing. If I’m willing to take one of my few spare hours and watch a show, you know its gotta be good.

This is worth the time.

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