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The Net Takeaway: 103 in the shade...


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103 in the shade... · 11/06/2006 12:14 PM, Personal

I’ve been having a terrible week. I’ve had a 103 plus fever every day, and chills and sweats at night; a sore throat so severe I cannot swallow, mucked up taste glands so everything tastes bad, and just an overall bad view on life. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve had the exact same symptoms over the past year, and the docs (2 in Mass, 1 here in NJ) have no idea what it is. Oh, they’ve ruled out strep, this, that, the other, but beyond “take this antibiotic and hope it works”, I have lost much of my faith in the power of medicine.

But the dreams! No wonder they get their own name (“fever dreams”). I forget most of it each morning, but some great pieces I recall:

So, I hope I get better… and I hope, for at least one night, I have less vivid dreams. I think they are more exhausting than the sickness!

(Update: I had another doozy, but this one seems like it has more of a business to it: I was at a bar (except, of course, it wasn’t, more like a Chuck E Cheese’s with lots of beer (Yuengling Rocks!)) and in one of the rooms was a bunch of happy female tweener soccer players, all singing Karaoke… except that it was a collection of songs with words edited to be soccer oriented. “Toe the Line” (from “Hold the Line”, Toto, 1978) was playing when I first caught sight of the girls, and later on, I heard the lead-in to “Brand New Lover”, Dead or Alive, 1996 (Kick it right now, etc.), and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, Pat Benatar, 1980. Look, I don’t write ‘em, I just dream ‘em up. And if you do produce this and it takes off as the perfect holiday present, please contact me about royalties.)

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  1. NES games disparaged? You must be suffering from some high fever.

    Get well soon, Wex,

    Link    Nov 5, 11:31 PM    #

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