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Friends get news... · 12/16/2006 02:45 PM, Personal

Update: I’ve been asked by one of the people previously mentioned in this post to remove all mention of the person, so I have edited this post.


One of the founders of e-Dialog and employee #1 of Digitas (back then, Strategic Interactive Group), Anthony “Andy” Estes, roared back with one of e-Dialog’s first developers (Eugene Abovsky, still in high school at the time, now finishing college) to create the “NearbyNetworks” group. He hit a gusher, as their sites were in both USA Today and CNBC...

USAToday: Game day for PS3, Wii

CNBC:Finding a PS3 — After this weekend, it could get even tougher to find a PS3 or Nintendo WII. Andy Estes, Founder, and CNBC’s Becky Quick discuss how you can improve your chances.

OK, CNBC is now behind a gateway… try Andy Estes Video

The sites are a mashup of Google maps (I’m working on getting them to switch to Yahoo!‘s maps), store listings, Craigslist and auction listings to let you find where PS3 and Wii might be available, and also skip shipping costs by getting them nearby.

On one hand, a pretty basic mashup. On the other hand, a masterful way to ride all the promotion around the PS3 and Wii.

For link goodness, here are the sites.

And the original idea, of basically “find auction stuff nearby”, is the BidNearby site.

So, lots of action in the news for people who usually aren’t in it.

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  1. Also featured in Gizmodo yesterday!

    John Doub    Dec 28, 03:50 PM    #

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