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The Net Takeaway: Findory sunsetting...


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Findory sunsetting... · 01/15/2007 12:03 AM, Tech

Greg Linden has one of the best blogs out there if you are interested in recommendation systems. Geeking with Greg is full of info about starting companies like Amazon, how advanced data mining can lead to personalization and recommendation systems, and how to think about these technologies in light of actual user needs.

After he left Amazon (he wrote the recommendation engine used by, he bounced around and then created Findory which is a click-by-click news and blog recommendation engine. It works really well, and I’ve enjoyed it over the years.

However, as is often the case, what works well is not always financially rewarding. Though Greg tried Google ads and now Amazon affiliate links, it just wasn’t enough to keep growing.

He writes here about the future of Findory:

Development on Findory now will slow to a crawl. There may be new features, but they will be rare. I no longer will spend time exploring funding, biz dev deals, or recruiting. Findory appears to have sufficient resources to run on autopilot through most of 2007.

So, better late than never: check it out at, see how it works, and realize what you are missing in other news and blog systems…

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