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The Net Takeaway: First Grader for President?


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First Grader for President? · 01/16/2007 12:40 PM, Trivial

Can someone tell me why we would be so excited about Barack Obama for president? He has no experience and clearly wants the job, 2 big strikes against him.

Last time we handed the office to someone who wants the job and has no experience in it, we landed the country in two wars and became one of the most hated nations on earth.

I am a Democrat through and through, but can we really be so stupid? Its not like every president has had major experience in public office (Tangent Sunset gives a good list) but come on, he hasn’t done anything yet. Shouldn’t we look past the facade to see if he can really do anything before getting excited about having him as a leader?

I am sure he’s smart and talented… but he has to prove it. If we had required Dubya to prove it, perhaps the world wouldn’t hate us so much. And yes, I expect the same “show me” from Hillary Clinton or anyone else who wants to run.

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  1. Being the governor of Texas, the second largest state in the US, is actually really good experience for being the executive of the country. The Senate, on the other hand, with its emphasis on stalling and parliamentary tactics, is a terrible place to get experience running the country.

    And, while I won’t argue about the “two wars” thing (although “landed” presumes that this was a flight of fancy. You can have truck with Iraq, but AFGH?), the notion that GWB made the US “the most hated nation on earth” is idiocy. We have been the most hated nation on earth since the fall of the Soviet Union and came in a close second then. Just as you can tell a lot about a man by his enemies, look at who hates us. Should I feel ashamed that the average man-on-the-street Saudi hates us? Is that before or after he beats his wife for daring to show some skin? France? I hate them more.

    Obama is a babe in the woods compared to Dubya, and the Hillary machine is just warming up to show you how pathetic she is. The Dems are all for equal rights, and all, just don’t be a Republican appointee (a la Colin Powell or Condi Rice) and DON’T get in Hillary’s way.

    andrew    Jan 16, 03:50 PM    #

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