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The Net Takeaway: An allegory


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An allegory · 03/13/2007 07:05 PM, Personal Trivial

Many, many years ago, a man goes to the marketplace. He is surrounded by tents of people selling every type of ware, from camels to dates, from lamps to statues. He walks around, passing tent after tent, til he sees what he is looking for, the fortune teller, and goes in.

Its dark inside, even though the light outside was glaring, and as he sits, he realizes that he’s stepped into a different world.

“What do you want?” wafts a voice from the shadows.

“I know the future,” the man says. “Perhaps like you, I see how things should be, how they can be. I see a world where people ride on boxes with wheels, where people have devices which sing and dance, where people have the concept of a 0. I see a world where people recognize that there is a better way, even though that requires sacrifice of the old to get there.”

“So?” the voice floats.

“But I don’t know when the world will come. I also know how today works, of barter and camels, of scarves and gold and dinars. I can do well with this, knowing that its not how things should be or could be… but this means giving up the dream, of forgetting how things should be, and just doing the best with how things are. Things will be better for my wife and child, for those who work with me and hire me, for none of them see this vision, and believe that I work against them when I choose to spend energy on that instead of on making the now better. They say that .” He paused, to finally take a breath.

“You talk too much, that is what they say, I think,” the voice keens.

“Yes, you are wise. So tell me, what can I do? Should I continue to fight for what should come, even at the cost of knowing that I am not helping those who need help now? Should I help those now, knowing that I put off creating the better world for all?”

“Don’t tell me. You can’t do both because…” the vocie trails off.

“Because its a compromise, a sell out, and other phrases that have not yet been invented. It helps no one, and is not honorable. I need your advice, your sage wisdom… What should I do?”

A gentle brrr of snoring came from the shadows. The man sighed, got up, left a gold piece on the table, and trudged back into the blinding sunlight. He realized that in all his wandering around the market, he had no idea where to go to get back home.

* * *


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