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The Net Takeaway: Save Online Radio


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Save Online Radio · 03/22/2007 10:19 PM, Trivial

Update 3/22/2007: Copyright Board Agrees to Reconsider Web Music Fees at Bloomberg…

If you haven’t been following, the RIAA (who seems to be more powerful than the CIA and FBI put together) have now managed to convince the govt. that online radio is too cheap. So, the Copyright Royalty Board of the Library of Congress has raised rates in such a way so as to destroy pretty much every internet broadcaster not owned by a major corporation. If this stays unchallenged, say goodbye to Pandora, Live365, and all the other great champions of modern alternative tunes.

This is up there with the DMCA in terms of restricting your ability to enjoy media as you choose. Take a few minutes and help stop this latest example of corporations trying to own what you see and hear. is a great place to find out how to help.

A sample story about the ruling at the Chicago Tribune: Web radio reels from royalty ruling but a Yahoo! search will show you lots more.

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  1. Please do not take away online radio;it’s what I listen to at work all day at work. Please accept my plead. Thanks

    Alma Valle    Mar 23, 12:41 PM    #

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