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The Net Takeaway: Linux on Windows...


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Linux on Windows... · 04/13/2004 03:47 PM, Tech

In one of those “is this cool, helpful, or just silly” moments, news hits Slashdot and Linux World Desk about “CoLinux” or Cooperative Linux, an open source project at Sourceforge.

Basically, its a port of the Linux kernel that allows it to run cooperatively with other OSs, specifically Win XP/2K. It doesn’t need VMware or Virtual PC (now owned by Microsoft), and it also doesn’t use Bochs (the open source attempt at VMware).

On one hand, this is no cost savings. You would still need to pay for the Windows license. Also, are there truly any apps on Linux that do not have an analog on Windows?

For developers, this has some nice touches. One can make sure an app runs properly on Linux and Windows, or in Linux-based browsers. VMware is handy for setting up a machine as a server, and another as a client, and seeing how they communicate; perhaps CoLinux could do this as well (Accd to the Wiki FAQ, this should be possible)

So, its mostly an exercise in intellectual curiousity: Can it be done?

A few other notes:

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