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The Net Takeaway: Robot Chicken Star Wars... disappointing.


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Robot Chicken Star Wars... disappointing. · 06/19/2007 01:13 PM, Trivial

I have a link to it below, but may not work past a few days.

Anyway, this was a collection of Star Wars parodies by the team at Robot Chicken, basically Mego action figures and custom puppets in snarky comedy.

Lots of this was re-run, so it was fast on the Tivo. And yes, they had to stick in yet another crummy “musical” number, Star Wars on Ice, as an ending, so that sped it up as well. The Boba Fett was also desperate. Trivia wise, the Toshi Station quickie was one of the best. Truly trivial was the George Bush sketch, a total waste of time. Close was the George Lucas sketch, which was shadowed by the much better Shatner sketch from SNL (“Get a life!”).

Overall, pretty good. Some standouts include Darth and an infamous character from the recent trilogy, the call to the Palpatine, the other side of the bar scene from Star Wars, the momma fight, Toshi Station, the improbables (with Mark Hamill), and then that’s it. The rest suck, so just skip it.

Was it worth the hype? Nope. But its worth 10 or so minutes to see the good ones.

Edit: Please be patient when hitting that play button. The video takes a while to load and may initially freeze your screen for a few seconds.

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