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The Net Takeaway: Still haven't scripted what I'm looking for...


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Still haven't scripted what I'm looking for... · 06/23/2007 11:19 PM, Analysis Tech

Ok, sorry to the boys in U2. I’m still looking for that language that a savvy analyst could pick up and use to prep data, deal with repetitive database issues, and control other programs. The thing is, I want it to run everywhere. That’s harder than you think. I also want it to be pretty easy; I don’t need to be able to re-write Word or anything super.

What have I examined?

So, who’s next on the list to play with?

I really like languages that run on the JVM, actually. It just saves lots of pain. Robert Tolksdorf’s Programming Languages for the Java Virtual Machine is the list of choice, and there you can learn about Jython, the Python which runs on the JVM, and JRuby, the Ruby which etc… As well as Basics and other languages. There is also Rhino, which is a basic Javascript for the JVM (like a shrunken version of Judoscript) as well as Groovy (if Sun had to approve a scripting language, you know it has to be a clunker… and this thing is a pita).

So, where do I land right now? Its really going to be Python for a little while; between the SPSS linkups and the hope for Jython, its seems the best choice. Its also not a one-man-band like Frink or JSDB, as impressive as they are.

I’m amazed that there isn’t a simple (SIMPLE) language focused around I/O of big data, optimized for frequency counting and restructuring, and runs on all platforms. A JVM based language would be nice (but since everyone has a flash player, maybe that’s the next runtime to consider…. Hmm.)

Maybe I need to write one… With all that free time I have, I guess.

PS: What do I mean by simple? What happened to:
FOR EACH LINE IN X: IF “coolbeans“(nocase) PRESENT THEN

We’ve made everything so cryptic and hyperclever… but sometimes, a simple grammar makes everything easier.

PPS: Ok, I want simple? I was pointed to Processing, the MIT Media Lab language for artists. Too much on graphics, not enough on anything else. I was also pointed to JavaFX which is really a wrapper scripting language for making GUIs, not really a whole language.

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