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The Net Takeaway: Google Maps does the obvious...


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Google Maps does the obvious... · 06/29/2007 01:31 PM, Tech

And yet, its wonderful.

Google Maps ‘New! Drag the blue line to change your route.’ (At Digg, where they have a good sample link to play with).

I’ve begged Yahoo! maps to offer this feature, and for whatever reason, it just gets marked down on the prio list. Maybe this will stimulate it into action. You may not be aware that Yahoo allows you to sort of waypoint with a Right Click “Drive from here”, if you can find the location you want, but that’s not very user friendly and rather well hidden, isn’t it?

So, finally, I can say “Go from X to Y, but go using this way (because I know this way) and then from here, help me” or “The usual way is full of traffic; assuming we don’t get on the highway here, how can we go?”

These are real questions, and for years mapping programs have ignored them.

And yet again, Google simply solves the problem. What I don’t understand is that Y! supposedly is the user friendly company, and Google is the tech company. So why is it that Google so often produces things that actually help people first? Could it be that they don’t have to defend their products “ability to create viable media opportunities”? Something to consider in the future, I think.

Other articles I’ve posted over the years, pointing out similar flaws in most major mapping systems, reverse chrono order:

Garmin StreetPilot i3, show me the way…
Google Maps great…
Best Map Ever…

PS: A Digg commenter says that MSN’s Live Maps has had this feature for a while. Perhaps. I couldn’t find it on, though they still have the cool LineDrive feature from the old Vicinity days.

Oh, found it: (not like I had for over a year in this post). I like the address box (which gives you room to type 2 line addresses naturally (both Google and MSN convert 2 lines to one on paste, so no biggie). They also have the right click Drive from here, Drive to here like Yahoo. I can’t see any easy way to edit the route, so unless they meant the pushpin, I don’t see a way to do this. Google on top again!

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