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The Net Takeaway: VSee... Very Impressive


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VSee... Very Impressive · 08/30/2007 07:34 PM, Tech

I had a chance to use a little videoconferencing tool which has completely changed what I think can be done to collaborate remotely. And it’s free for consumers or enterprise within the firewall; if you want to collab with “outside” entities, you can license (around $500 a year per simultaneous call initiator).

Robin Good’s review of VSee is very clear about its power, and I can say that I completely agree. This little program not only provides the clearest picture of any videoconferencing tool I’ve used (short of the dedicated circuit “video-rooms” costing millions), including Skype, all the IMs, and the various video-chat tools.

We’ve had meetings with 7 different cams, including remote-controllable cams in a meeting room. Apps can be shared, group or individual chat is available, it can handle voice, on and on. If you work with people in other areas and you have webcams, this can really change how your meetings run.

And Webex and its ilk are great… but after trying VSee and seeing how easy it is, you will not want to waste your time with these other tools.

It’s really very striking. Even if you don’t have a web cam, the remote desktop sharing alone is worth playing with. Highly recommended. Read Robin Good’s summary to see more of what the tool can do, or just try it yourself.

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