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The Net Takeaway: Places to Shop


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Places to Shop · 12/07/2007 03:38 PM, Trivial

Sometimes, people ask for interesting things or places to look. Here are some of my favs:

Tech and Electronics
NewEgg continues to have the best prices, and fast shipping has a great selection, great pricing, and often free shipping.
Amazon is ok, but I keep finding things cheaper elsewhere.

Odd Stuff
Intl Spy Museum has lots of oddball stuff if you like the spy genre
ThinkGeek Home of every geek’s favorite toys
Duluth Trading is for upscale “work around the house” stuff. Some really interesting stuff hidden away in there
Ducti your home for all the useful stuff one can make out of duct tape Good games and puzzles are hard to find locally; this is one of a few sites with a nice collection, esp. of German and UK offerings.
AudioCubes is full of import gadgets and gizmos, mostly from Asia
Dynamism is hand held paradise for high end small computers ala OQO, etc.
HeadRoom is the place for high end headphones, including great reviews. Goodcans, HeadWize, and Head-Fi are also good for this.
Police Auctions Online Don’t know how legit it is, but fun to look at this stuff…
UnclaimedBaggage has stuff leftover in airports, again as interesting as the Police stuff…
MadeByHumans has cool handmade stuff, not crafts but the stuff you never expected to see. UncommonGoods also has stuff like this.
Moss is one of the top modern design stores in the world, in Soho NYC.
Mxyplyzyk is also a nice design shop. Chiasso used to be a mall store, but they’ve tried to go more upscale.
RetroModern has high end design furniture and stuff. DesignWithinReach used to be more affordable, but now, its kind of a misnomer; still, nice things to see.
Via BoingBoing; Core77 has an amazing list of 77 under 77.
CountyComm Govt. Products Group has all kinds of interesting “Govt. Issue” tools and gear.

Lucky to find deals
Overstock has great deals on lots of stuff, esp. watches.
Sierra Trading Post for clothing, outdoors gears, and even nice bags, they have a little bit of everything. Start here first.
Smartbargains is not as nice as Overstock these days, but constantly beats them for any “housewares” like sheets and curtains.

Carry your stuff
BumBumPaks the first new bag concept I’ve seen in a while; I hope they continue to grow

Used to be interesting, don’t waste your time
Sharper Image In order to make money, they had to start making their own products. Coincidentally, at the same time, quality of products and innovation all left the store.
Levenger I used to love this store… but just like Sharper Image, as they started to self-source their items, their quality went down the drain. When I realized I was returning every order, I stopped ordering.
Brookstone Similar to the rest, but they got stuck in massage chair land and never came out. Herrington is actually more like what Brookstone was in the early days, and is worth checking out if you like the idea of Brookstone more than the actual junk they now sell.

Save me some money
There are others, but these usually get you the best and most legit deals. Avoid simple “coupon” or other affiliate marketing sites. Often, these are deals you could get on your own just by going to the site, but when you click on the “coupon” link, you are actually just giving a commission to an aggregator.

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